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Sustainability is a hugely important topic for the Banner Box staff. We take our commitment to the environment very seriously, and as such, document here our efforts and work to reduce our carbon footprint, our electricity usage, and help give back to an environment and ecosystem that has helped us grow.

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Guest Speaker at Fabric Printing Now

Director, Paul Noble is lined up to be a guest speaker at the new Fabric Printing Now event to be hosted by FESPA. The event is due to be an excellent couple of days of presentations, demonstrations and networking. Furthermore, is been dubbed and essential event for those involved in fabric printing! The event promises […]

Revolutionary new technique of printing uses water instead of ink

It’s a well-established fact that the ink you place in your printer is very expensive, and has a negative impact on the environment. The same is true of both household-quality inks and some industry-grade inks (not ones we use here at Banner Box). In some cases, the cost of replacement ink cartridges are more expensive than the cost of the printer they are going into.

Still, as an office-working species we have a fascination with printing things out – despite over a decade of that “Only print this email if absolutely necessary” warning that appears on most corporate emails nowadays.

Making “sustainability” work in your business

Last June I was honoured to be invited to talk at FESPA’s 2013 Jet Set Conference about Banner Box’s work in sustainability and environmentally-friendly production.

This topic is very important to us here, as we take our role as an ethical and sustainable manufacturer seriously. From our closed-loop manufacturing process, to our no-solvent printing options, and our waste management procedures, we see a sustainable future as the only future in this industry.