Roller Banners

Our high-quality retractable pull up roller banners are a great way to convey your branding at an affordable price – stand up to stand out.

We have two systems to choose from – our EveryDay system and our Premium system:

  • EveryDay system graphics are size 800mm x 2000mm, approximate weight 3kg
  • Premium system graphics size 845mm x 2000mm, approximate weight 5kg.

The pull up roller banners are supplied ready-to-use with single-sided graphic printed on Hydrosol anti-curl material pre-fitted, complete with padded transit case.  Hydrosol is our premium lightblock banner film.

The roller banners are ready to use in just a few seconds – simply take the cassette out of the case and pull it up.  To dismantle, let the graphics retract back into the spring-loaded cassette.

The approximate weight of a system starts at 3kg.

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