Corporate Flags

Corporate flags can be made to suit new or existing flagpoles. We print full colour images to flags to grab the eye and get the attention you desire.

All Flags are printed to our durable knitted Polyester, the print is UV stable and water proof for outdoor use. They are finished with a sturdy headband and fittings to make attachment to the pole quick and easy.

Landscape flags are great for traditional corporate logos. They also match the shape of national flags and will look good if flown together with the Union or any other national flag.

Portrait flags are becoming increasingly popular, they tend to fly in a lighter breeze and can be combined with a rotating arm on the pole or our flag extender system.

Sewn Corporate Flags

We are suppliers of traditional handmade high quality corporate flags. These are an all-sewn construction with badges / text sewn on, using woven polyester and finished to suit your needs. These superior flags are supplied around the world and represent a first class choice.

Printed Corporate Flags

For complex designs, print is a cost-effective way to produce corporate flags.  Manufactured from polyester and finished to suit your needs.

How We Finish Our Flags

As standard, all flags have a headband on the hoist edge and are finished with a rope and toggle, making them ready to attach to the flagpole and fly. Other finishing options are available, please contact the Sales team to discuss.

Weather Conditions

To prolong your flag, we advise that they are taken down in strong winds or adverse weather conditions. Heavy rain will increase the weight of the flag which will cause unnecessary wear, especially in high winds. The dyes used in our manufacturing process are all tested for UV stability, however salt and direct sunlight can have adverse effects on colour over a period of time.