AirSPRING Post Mount System

Our AirSpring System is second to none and is fully compliant with the EN40 Government Regulation that dictates all lighting columns must be capable of facilitating the wind loading that a single 0.3 square meter rigid road sign would exert. It is also wind tunnel tested up to 100mph and supported by verified wind tunnel test results.

The AirSpring system consists of two black fibre glass arms with a width of 850mm, and 2 black powder coated aluminium brackets with integrated spring loaded tensioning and banner-arm flexing mechanism.

The recommended size of banner for use on the AirSpring is 750mm x 2000mm (1.5 sq. m).

The arms can be easily removed in between banner campaigns leaving brackets and banding in place on the column.

The brackets are installed onto columns using 3 tamtorque stainless steel banding straps per arm and can be wall mounted using pre-drilled holes within bracket.

The product has a 5 Year product warranty when installed following Manufacturers guidance.

Complete your system with a digitally printed banner – ask about our in-house Graphics team.

Airspring system prices (including banding straps and banding tool) from £148.56 excluding VAT.
Contact our Sales Team for Trade prices.