Artwork Specifications

Supplying Artwork

Artwork can be supplied via email (8mb file size limit). If files are of a larger file size, then please use a 3rd party upload site such as www.wetransfer.com

What We Need

Print ready artwork consists of all images embedded, fonts converted to outlines and Pantone Coated (C) references where appropriate. If it is not possible to embed images and convert fonts to outlines, then these must be supplied along with the artwork. If your artwork contains Pantone references, we will print to the closest match. We cannot match to Metallic or Fluorescent colours.

If no Pantone references are supplied or a colour accurate proof is provided, we will print from your artwork and will not be held responsible for inaccurate colour reproduction. If you are unable to provide Print Ready Artwork, our graphics studio can help with this. A fee of £50 per hour will be charged.

What We Use

Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 – ai. / eps. / pdf.
Convert all fonts to outlines and embed all images. Specify Pantone colours where appropriate. Make sure overprint is turned off.
Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 – psd. / pdf. / tif. / jpg
Resolution must be 300dpi at quarter size. For close viewing increase the dpi but keep the file size to under 2gb. Ideally full size at 100dpi
Adobe InDesign CC 2019 – .pdf
Please export artwork and all relevant files as a High Resolution PDF Adobe Acrobat Pro – .pdf
Adobe Acrobat Pro
All PDF’s must be set to ‘High Quality Print’ setting, no compression