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The importance of selecting the right material for your large format print project can not be underestimated. That’s why we place great emphasis on carefully selecting a wide range materials, sourced only from reputable and reliable suppliers, to ensure that we always have the right materials ready and waiting for your project.

Choosing the correct material for your project is an essential part of ensuring you get the perfect solution to your needs and our expert team are always available to offer advice and answers any questions.

Have a browse through our material options below, and contact our team to discuss your needs and request a free sample pack.


Featuring a low density polyethylene material sandwiched between two thin layers of aluminium, ACM offers a more cost effective solution. It’s features make this material popular choice for longer term outdoor signage and when looking to achieve a premium finish

Properties & advantages at a glance:

Excellent print surface | Weather resistant | 3mm aluminium skin | Lightweight | rigid and strong | Suitable for interior and exterior | UV digitally printable

Most popular applications;

Signage | POS | Display fixtures | Cladding | hoardings | Interior decorations

Adhesive Vinyl 300g/m2 (±3 %) 1.5m wide

Adhesive vinyl is designed for any application where the graphics are to be stuck directly to a surface, suitable for small items such as stickers or much larger areas to create full boards or vehicle graphics. Available in both White and Clear versions this versatile material finds many uses.

The White version is opaque which means it can be used as an ‘over print’ to obliterate graphics or other markings on an existing sign or banner, making it ideal for date and info changes. Working in partnership with our supplier HEXIS, we specify a 5 year adhesive product for the majority of applications, this is designed to be long- term durable and resistant to cracking or peeling.

Adhesive vinyl can also be laminated in a range of finishes to make it highly scratch resistant and to enable easier graphics application.

This material is an ideal solution for stickers and window vinyl’s.

Indoor & Outdoor use.

Airmesh 100g/m2 (±3 %) 3.2m wide FR

Airflow is 105gsm and is designed to be used in every location as the fabric contains small holes at regular intervals, allowing air to move through the fabric without distorting it.  This allows the fabric to be used safely in high-wind conditions.

Airflow is ideal for flags and beach flags, Heras fence panel, banners, building wraps and soft signage.

    • Maximum finished product size of 3m
    • Flame resistant to B1
    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Backlit Polyester 235g/m2 (±3 %) 3.2m wide FR

Backlit is a very high performance textile with an improved coating for direct or transfer sublimation.

Backlit material is 170gsm polyester with a soft, uncoated white face which performs exceptionally well under high ink load giving excellent colour reproduction.  The material is crease and bruise free and recovers well under tension!

Backlit is ideal for LED tension fabric frames.

    • Maximum finished product size of 2.9m
    • Flame resistant to EN13501
    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Blackback 235g/m2 (±3 %) 3.2m wide FR

Blackback is extremely popular for use in exhibition displays due to it’s thickness and ability to block out light – hence the Blackback name.

Blackback material is 265gsm and has an optic white face which is print receptive and gives accurate and vibrant colour representation.

The material is ideal for tension fabric graphics, exhibition stands, display booths and wall mounted displays.

    • Flame resistant to B1 EN13501
    • Maximum finished product size of 3.1m
    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Canvas 300g/m2 (±3 %) 1.6m wide

The Canvas fabric is a great high-quality material used for a variety of purposes, from creating a tough, durable printed texture for furniture, to an element-resistant scratch-proof wall art installation.

The transfer printing method used with the Canvas fabric ensures that the gaseous inks are bonded directly to the polyester fabric, ensuring that the design and material become one – which means the ink will never scratch or peel off, it is now part of the material.

Canvas is one of the Heavy weights of our range at 300gsm, it has all the tactile properties you would want to create a piece that is designed to be viewed close up or handled such as a cushion or other home furnishing.

Typical applications for the material is branded furniture and café windbreaks.

Indoor & Outdoor use.

Decotex 220g/m2 (±3 %) 3.2m wide FR

Decotex is an extremely versatile display fabric, used for a very wide variety of soft-signage and fabric graphic applications. Decotex material is 195gsm and is crease resistant making it ideal for use as exhibition graphics, retail displays, café windbreaks, tension fabric graphics, fabric banners, barrier wraps and commercial interiors.

    • Flame resistant to B-s1, d0 DIN EN 1350-1
    • Maximum finished product size of 3.1m
    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Eco-mesh 225g/m2 (±3 %)

As the first in our sustainable materials range, this robust and eco-friendly polyester mesh is ideal for large-format outdoor use. At only 255 gsm, this new mesh is lighter and more air permeable than its plastic-based counterparts and allows for less carbon when transporting it.

The versatile material can be made into a variety of print solutions and guarantee quality colour, finish and durability whilst boasting environmentally friendly credentials.

Fully recyclable and equipped with environmentally friendly fire-retardant substances, the eco-mesh has been extensively tested against the wind, rain, and solar radiation. It retains colour intensity and shape brilliantly and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Foam Board

Foam board features a high quality, rigid, low density polyurethane core between two white recycled paper liners.  It offers you everything that you would wish for a lightweight, indoor, all-round foamboard.

Foam board sheets can be cut easily to any shape or size to suit your requirements. On some Foam board print applications the thin and delicate ink layer could be protected by a film laminate or topcoat of clear scratch and UV resistant lacquer.

Properties & advantages at a glance;

Interior use only | Very Lightweight | Easy transportation | Simple  installation | Cut to any shape or size

Most poplar applications;

Decoration And Picture Frames | Hanging Signs | Modelling | Photo Mounting | POS/POP Applications | Shop Window Design

Fluted Board

Widely established as a leading product for short term and cost effective interior and exterior signage, fluted polypropylene is a popular substrate due to its excellent value for money.

It is created when polypropylene is extruded through a ‘corrugated’ die, resulting in a lightweight but semi-rigid material that can be printed on our UV flatbed digital printer, producing high quality images.

Properties & advantages at a glance:

Lightweight | Semi rigid | Surface treated – dyne level is very high ensuring good ink key | Interior and exterior use | Recyclable | Made in UK

Most popular applications;

Stadia advertising | Pitch boards | Lamp post | Sleeves

Jet 440 PVC 440g/m2 (±3 %) 2.5m wide

PVC banners are a cost lightweight, durable cost effective way to display your message.

We offer two grades of PVC material for our banners.  Our Premium 560gsm PVC is coated creating a smooth surface on one side for single sided applications and front-lit solutions.

Our Economy 440gsm PVC has a high quality surface which delivers consistent printing performance.  Economy PVC is laminated giving excellent tear and tensile strength and is suited to semi-permanent banner applications.

The UV inks adhere permanently to the surface of the PVC’s giving a long lasting and vibrant colour.

PVC is ideal for use as banners.

    • Maximum finished product size of 3.1m
    • Flame resistant to DIN 75 200 / NFPA 701
    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Jet 550 PVC 550g/m2 (±3 %) 2.5m wide FR

Our go-to material for both general Banners and more permanent ‘Banner Signage’.

The Jet 550 material is a coated material substantially stronger than the Laminated PVC’s used in budget products by our competitors. It has a smooth surface on once side for single sided applications and front-lit situations.

Our eco-solvent inks adhere very permanently to the surface of the PVC giving a long lasting and vibrant colour. Jet 550 can be finished as a simple banner with hems and eyelets but can also commonly be used as a semi-structural material in applications such as banner masts and wall mounted systems where the requirement to last for an extended period of time is critical.

Suitable for basic and complex banners. Single or double sided.

Indoor & Outdoor use.

Jetflag 100g/m2 (±3 %) 3.2m wide FR

JetFlag is one of our favourite materials and is our go to for printed flags. Jetflag material is 100gsm knitted polyester which offers an excellent balance between weight & strength.

For flag production we use water-based dye sublimation inks with either direct, screen or transfer printing.  This material gives excellent colour reproduction and print through as the ink permeates the fabric through to the reverse giving a mirror image.  If you require graphics that read correctly on both the face and reverse, we print two pieces of Jetflag and sew them back to back including an opaque interliner.

Jetflag is ideal for printed flags, windchaser feather flags and soft signage.

    • Flame resistant to B-s1, d0 DIN EN 1350-1
    • Maximum finished product size of 3.1m
    • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Powerflag 155g/m2 (±3 %) 3.0m wide

POWERFlag material is a premium quality flag for outdoor use with unprecedented resistance against wear and damage from the effects of the wind and weather. The material gives brilliant colour and can last twice as long as conventional woven materials. POWERFlag unites value for money, elegance and quality.

POWERFlag has been rigorously tested by installing test flags on poles in exposed locations at an elevation of over 1200m above sea level. This means that the average and maximum wind speeds are much higher than typical ‘urban’ locations and the levels of UV are higher which accelerates fading from the sun. The results prove that POWERflag will last up to 3 times longer than standard knitted polyester flags and twice as long as woven polyester – until now the best material available. POWERflag represents superb value for money, they cost a little more initially but because they last so long you’ll save substantially in the long run.

This material is used predominantly for Corporate Flags and National Flags.

Indoor & Outdoor use.

PVC Mesh 380g (±3 %) 2.5m wide FR

PVC Mesh is a highly-regarded fabric suited to high elevation environments thanks to its excellent air flow structure.

PVC Mesh is 380gsm polyester base cloth coated in PVC giving a high strength material which is considerably lighter than solid PVC’s, which is an important factor when used on large scale applications.

PVC Mesh is ideal for building wraps, banners and low windage event signage.

    • Maximum finished product size of 3.1m
    • Flame resistant to DIN 75 200 / NFPA 701
    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Woven 155g/m2 (±3 %) 1.5m wide

Woven Polyester is an incredible versatile fabric which can be printed and manipulated in many different ways to create striking national and corporate flags. Dye sublimation is a technique where heat is used to transfer the inks onto the material, this material can also be screen printed.

This type of Polyester is also great for flags as it is machine washable, we would advise a gentle wash. This is particularly favourable with flags flown at inner city locations where pollution can discolour the flags. These flags are a fairly heavy 155gsm which gives them a bold colour whilst still being light enough to fly. The fabric, an MOD grade material – if it’s good enough for the military then we are sure it up to the challenge of most locations.

This material is used predominantly for Corporate Flags and National Flags.

Indoor & Outdoor use.

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