D3 Airow Post Mount System

Our revolutionary D3 Airow post mount system utilizes a unique canted CNC-tapered fiberglass arm design – the top arm is canted up, the bottom arm is canted down, and when the banner is installed the canted arms put the banner under tension to transfer wind force to the fibreglass arms.

The system comprises of two brackets and two poles.

The poles are 20mm diameter UV treated fibreglass

The brackets are 75mm wide by 180mm height tempered cast aluminium.  The universal weather resistant aluminium alloy bracket allows the D3 system to be mounted on almost any type of post, regardless of shape or surface.  The arms slide into the brackets and are held in place by stainless steel set screws with a hitch pin offering additional security.   The brackets have fixing slots for two stainless steel ‘universal’ banding straps per arm which are required to secure the brackets to the post.

This system is suitable for installation onto posts with a diameter of 120mm and over.

The system can be fitted as a single system of two brackets and two poles to display one banner to one side of a post, or as a double system of four brackets and four poles to display two banners to both sides of a post.

The system accommodates a maximum banner size of 750mm wide by 2500mm height, with print to either both sides or single sided.  We offer an in-house design service to create your graphics.

The approximate weight of one system (excluding banner) is 3kg

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