Quick Reference Guide

Use this quick reference table to pick the feature most important to you. We have a pole to suit every requirement.

Architectural Vantage Glassfibre Showhome Portable Short Wall Mounted
Ground Sleeve  Yes  Yes   
Fixed Base Yes  Yes    
Hinged Base Yes Yes Yes Yes   
Portable Bases     Yes  
Removable Concrete Bases   Yes Yes   
Wall Mountable Yes Yes Yes Yes  Yes
Gold Finial Yes Yes Yes Yes   
White Finial Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Internal Halyard Yes Yes Yes    
External Halyard Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti-Furl Bar      Yes
Tethers No      Yes
Flag Weight Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Rotating Arm Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Specialist Colours Yes Yes  Yes Yes  
Installation Available Yes Yes Yes Yes  Yes


Cleat A fitting used to secure the Halyard to the flagpole and keep it in place once the flag is hoisted.
Finial A cap fitted at the very top of the flagpole, usually in the shape of an onion or mushroom. It is usually white or gold.
Ground Sleeve This is a sleeve which a standard flagpole slots into. Simple but highly effective and secure and can be used in the earth or in concrete.
Guylines Cables or ropes used to restrain and secure a flag, preventing it from falling over.
Halyard The rope used to hoist the flag up the flagpole. These can either be external (visible) or internal (more secure).
Hinged Base Used with a pole made in one part and allows for easy installation and maintenance.
Rope & Toggle A short length of rope attached to the headband on the left side of the flag and held in place at the top by a wooden toggle – supplied with all flags intended for flying in the conventional way.
Rotating Arm Used typically for portrait orientation. It is a light metal arm at the top of the flagpole which holds the flag out even when there is no wind.
Weighted Collar A device which keeps the flag under tension, especially when used in conjunction with a Rotating Arm or internal halyard flagpole