Vantage Flagpole

Vantage Flagpoles are manufactured from durable white painted 6005T6 grade aluminium, making them ideal for many commercial applications and are also suitable for residential locations.

Flagpoles can be housed in vertical or angled wall brackets, ground sleeve or a hinged base.

Vertical wall brackets accommodate flagpoles up to 10m height.  The bracket base plates measure 305mm wide x 100mm height with a 10mm depth and 75mm throw.  Each plate has two 18mm diameter screw holes.

The angled wall brackets accommodate flagpoles upto 8m.  The top bracket has a base plate measuring 305mm wide x 100mm height with a 10mm depth.  In this sits a 1m length arm which the pole slides in to, to give the 45 degree angle.  The bottom bracket base plate is 305mm wide x 100mm height with a 75mm throw.  Each plate has two 10mm diameter screw holes.

Vantage flagpoles can be ground mounted via a ground sleeve.  The ground sleeve varies depending on the length of the pole it will accommodate:
upto 5m – 500mm length, 2.3mm thickness
6m and 8m – 800mm length, 2.3mm thickness
10m – 800mm length, 2.9mm thickness.

Hinged base plates measure 180mm wide x 180mm with a 10mm depth and 4 screw holes.

Flagpoles can have either an internal or external halyard.   An external halyard has a white plastic cleat positioned on the outside of the flagpole for easy access.  A lockable door gives access to an internal halyard and is more secure if your flagpole is located in a public area as this can prevent tampering with the halyard.

A rotating arm can be fitted to the flagpoles, which will ensure your portrait flag is always displayed at a 90 degree angle.  The rotating arm mechanism is a machined aluminium construction and the arm is 160mm diameter aluminium tube.  Rotating arms can be upto a maximum of 1m wide.

Vantage flagpoles come complete with truck head finial, with the alternative option of a gold finial if preferred.

These flagpoles can be powder coated to a specific RAL colour if required.

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Technical Information 

Overall Pole Height (m) Visible Pole Height (m)Parts Tube Size O/D (mm) Max Flag Size cm (yard)Foundation (mm)
43.51 part 60180cm x 90cm (2 yard) 600 x 600 x 800
54.52 parts 60180cm x 90cm (2 yard) 600 x 600 x 800
6.862 parts 60/75 180cm x 90cm (2 yard) 800 x 800 x 800
8.882 parts 60/75 230cm x 115cm (2.5 yard) 800 x 800 x 800
10.8103 parts 60/75/95 270cm x 135cm (3 yard) 1000 x 1000 x 1000