3 Ways To Make Your Print More Sustainable.

The environmental impact of the pandemic began with talks of city skylines being free of pollution, reduction in carbon emissions, and humour about ‘nature healing’. However, it has become clear that, thanks to coronavirus, plastic is back and increasing its effect on the planet.

Unfortunately, the large format print industry has the possibility to be a waste-heavy business. As we emerge from -hopefully- the last lockdown, now is the ideal time for print and signage companies to do more. It is our responsibility to bring our attention back to the planet and consider improvements to make to our products and our manufacturing, making meaningful actions to tackle the climate emergency.

Take a look at our top three tips to make your next print project more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Choosing the perfect product

Some print solutions are better suited for jobs than others. Instead of picking the cheapest option, or settling for what is available immediately, why not take a moment to consider the best requirements for your next print job. We’re proud to have a comprehensive range of versatile and durable print products that can be custom-made to suit your needs and ensure you’re getting the best possible results from your display.

Factors such as the length of time it’ll be in use, its ability to be moved, whether it is based indoors or outdoors, and the weather conditions it is displayed in can all play a part in how well your product performs and how long it will last. Researching the long-term effects of location and treatment can help you find the perfect product and guarantee a longer lasting print solution. By investing in a suitable and better choice for your business, you’ll replace the product far less often, reduce unnecessary printing, and help the environment.

Speak to our team of print experts who can help you identify the best product choice for your next print project. Call 01246 472 949 or email [email protected]

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Choosing an environmentally friendly material

Prior to covid-19, customers from all sectors were keen to learn more about materials and fabrics that were better for the environment. As requests for eco-friendly alternatives rose, Banner Box started to explore new options. As the market leader in ground-breaking eco-responsible products, CMYUK were able to help us launch a wider selection of sustainable print materials, as well as maintaining our promise of high-quality print solutions.

In 2020, Banner Box introduced two new fabrics to the list of available materials for print. Eco-Mesh and Kavalan. Eco-mesh is a fully recyclable polyester mesh that is lighter and more air permeable than plastic-based counterparts. Equipped with environmentally friendly fire-retardant substances and tested against the wind, rain, and extreme solar radiation for vibrant outdoor use.

Kavalan is an alternative to PVC which is designed to be safely incinerated without causing harm to health or the environment. The emissions from burning Kavalan are hundreds of times lower than burning PVC and a 3metre roll can generate enough energy to power a TV for more than 3000 hours or a smartphone for nearly 50,000 hours.

Eager to learn more? Read about the full range of eco-friendly benefits of Eco-Mesh here or watch this superb video to discover more impressive green credentials of Kavalan.

Watch this space as Banner Box continue to explore further sustainable materials suitable for flags, banners and more. Speak to our sales team to register your interest in green materials.

Choosing a sustainable supplier

Rather than opting for a manufacturer that will ship your order from halfway round the world, consider the environmental benefits of choosing a trusted UK based supplier. By picking a domestic print supplier you can be sure of less carbon emissions when transporting your products, and a guarantee of high product safety and environmental standards.

Banner Box is extremely committed to doing our part in the world’s ongoing efforts to reduce carbon output by continually reviewing our infrastructure and processes and making positive changes wherever achievable. Read our Going Green update and see how we reduced our CO2 output by more than 30 tonnes a year and cut waste by 48%.


To learn more about our portfolio of eco-friendly print solutions and our recent improvements, get in touch on 01246 472949 or email [email protected]

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