Fabric Tension Arches

Say hello to what we think might be the next big thing in fabric tension stands and frames. If you’re a regular at exhibitions, you’ll have seen these creeping onto the scene.

These fabric systems can be designed to work as arches, tunnels and even possibly domes. The beauty of the frame been fabric is that the arch can feature an artwork of your choosing, making it totally bespoke to you! However, once you have a frame there is no reason you couldn’t redress the frame for future events.

The tunnels are generally created by a string of arches been pulled together to create a spectacular effect. The example pictured was an item we manufactured for an event at the Shard London.

In this case the arch was almost used a slightly more private, quieter area in all the exhibition hustle and bustle. The fabric archway was completed with a set of minimalist chairs which looked great with the rest of the stands theme.

One of the beauties of this type of stand is that the frame is fairly simple to assemble and the fabric always looks excellent. The reasoning behind this is that the tension placed upon the fabric simply makes the creases disappear. This is particularly handy when you’ve had to fold up your fabric and know there isn’t much opportunity to iron out any creases.



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