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The Olympics are a great occasion where the best athletes from all the world’s nations come together to celebrate sporting and athletic achievement on a global stage. Here we help celebrate and catalogue the Olympics in the frame of national and vexillological news.

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Boris admits to being a onesie wearer

Let’s admit it. It is very difficult to take Boris Johnson seriously. It’s amazing that he can actually take part in a serious political debate without people having the uncontrollable urge to burst into laughter at his appearance, his way of speaking, and his antics. Remember him waving Union Jack flags as he zip-wired and […]

Banner Box helps to ‘Inspire a Generation’

As the Olympic flag was lowered earlier this year the word which was heard most often from Seb Coe, Boris Johnson and the President of the IOC Jacque Rogge was ‘Legacy’. The ambition of London 2012 was to ‘Inspire a generation’. Where better to start getting children and young people interested in sport and physical […]

Banner Box wrap Sheffield in Gold for Jessica Ennis

Jessica Ennis was welcomed back to her home city of Sheffield on Friday 17th August with a crowd of thousands who turned up to greet her on stage in Barkers Pool at the Heart of the City Located just 10 miles from the city centre we were delighted when the call came in asking us […]

Banner Installation at a historic Olympic Venue

The Banner Box installation team swung into action at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich with the installation of 3 Building wraps promoting the current ‘Power and Pageantry exhibition’. Working as a subcontractor on behalf our client Signsystems the brief was to design manufacture and install banners to this historic building without causing any structural issues […]

And the gold medal for cock-ups is awarded to…

It had to happen. It happens at every Olympic Games. Hundreds of journalists, thousands of spectators and millions of worldwide TV viewers are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting in anticipation of just one thing. The first controversy. It could be a breach of security. Doping scams feature high on the list. Disqualifications […]

Londoners go crazy for flags

Summer 2012 must surely be remembered for one thing. No, not the incessant rain, but the amazing abundance of flags being flown in the city of London. First, the Queens Diamond Jubilee brought out the banners, bunting, ensigns, colours and pennants for all that pageantry along the rain-soaked Thames in June. And now, flags from […]

Qatar has a change of heart over athletes

What do Bahiya al-Hamad, Nada Mohammed Wafa Arkaji, Noor Al-Malki and Aya Majdi all have in common? Apart from having names that are very difficult to type into a blog, they are all female athletes from Qatar. Not only has Qatar never sent female athletes to any Olympics before, this year they even gave one […]

Jessica Ennis is the pin up girl for the 2012 Olympics

It’s almost impossible to watch a commercial break or read an on page advert without seeing the image of Sheffield Superstar Athlete Jessica Ennis, in the run up to the London 2012 Olympics.  All the title sponsors are vying to associate themselves with someone who will undoubtedly be one of the stars of the show. […]

Union Jack fever hits Sheffield

It wasn’t so long ago that flaunting the Union Jack in various manifestations went from exuberant flamboyance to being somewhat passé. London’s Carnaby Street led the way in the Swinging Sixties, persuading us all to ‘buy British’, but then we became disillusioned with our national flag representing all that was best in Britain, as world […]

Stella McCartney causes Olympic controversy

Many a graphic designer over the years has toyed with using the Union Jack flag as inspiration – twisting it, bending it, deleting bits of it – but always trying to retain its integrity as our national emblem. The wavy design on the tail fin of British Airways planes is a good example of the […]