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The manufacturing of flagpoles is one of the core elements of our business, with decades of experience under our toolbelts. Take a look at our Flagpoles page for more information.

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On Trend at London Fashion Week


Banner box was again invited make the flags for London Fashion Week. We have worked with the team before and this year was no exception, requiring large eye-catching flags placed around the event.

PoleLED Exclusive to Banner Box


  Banner Box is excited to announce we have exclusivity of a very exciting new Flagpole product. PoleLED is all about displaying your flag, day or night in its best light. Banner Box are an exclusive UK reseller of the product until January 2015. Flags are wonderful for catching the eye with their height and […]

Prestige flagpole replacement at one of London’s foremost seats of learning

The London School of Economics and Political Science is one of the UK’s (and world’s) most prestigious universities in the fields of economics and politics. Considered a highly sought-after University for both UK and overseas students, the LSE has been a beacon of the highest quality of education that our country offers.

Founded in 1895 by Beatrice and Sidney Webb, Graham Wallas and George Bernard Shaw after a fabled breakfast meeting at Borough Farm, the LSE was created for the “betterment of society”, and has had a profound impact on the development of social sciences and public policy since then. Famous alumni of the School include Sir Arthur Bowley, Graham Wallas, Bertrand Russell, former Prime Minister Clement Attlee, George Bernard Shaw, Karl Popper, and many more.

New flags at the Coutts Bank

Coutts Bank, known for its very high-profile clients and private investment services – recently approached Banner Box and asked us whether we could provide flagpoles to increase the branding and enhance the appearance of their London headquarters.

We manufactured 3 bespoke flagpoles for the Queen’s bankers, bespoke because they have an unusual system whereby the top arm is fixed, however the whole pole rotates to follow their wind direction.

Banner Box flags on display at London Fashion Week

Twice per year Banner Box gets to rub shoulders with the fashionistas in the prestigious London Fashion Week. No, we’re not modelling new clothes on the catwalk (a great loss to fashion, if you ask us), we are instead doing what we do best: providing flags and flagpoles for their outdoor advertising.

We provided 6 of our black Portable Flagpoles, along with accompanying double-sided flags (one set for the Week and one set for the Weekend), to be placed around the entrance of Somerset House. Each flagpole featured a rotating arm and pole rings to ensure even in wind, the flags move naturally but always remain visible and formed.

Flagpole wanted. Offers please to Maidstone ATCM

That’s the Association of Town Centre Managers for those of you in the dark about the meaning of that particular acronym. The ATCM is a pioneering body of well meaning folk that wants to improve the image and reputation of our town centres at night-time – between the hours of 5pm to 6am. (Surely the […]

Flag Island goes flag crazy

Wealthy inhabitants of the United Arab Emirates are not normally known for their reticence in displaying icons of their phenomenal wealth. When it comes to the Arabian countries celebrating their national day, you can expect all the stops being pulled out in displays of their ostentatious lifestyles – which they like to refer to as […]

Flagpoles too costly for Commonwealth Games

If you had a budget of £524 million to organise the Commonwealth Games, would you spend £200,000 of it on flagpoles and podiums? That’s what the organisers are proposing. Inevitably there are people who are critical of this decision, saying that it represents poor value for money and will damage the Games’ legacy because it’s […]

Stolen flagpole saved in the nick of time

Isn’t it a joy to hear some good news occasionally? Especially when it’s the result of a heartfelt plea from a local primary school. In the run-up to 5 November, we reported that a flag and flagpole had been stolen from a school in Glasgow. The chief suspects were two boys who were seen heading […]

Flagpoles don’t come much taller than this

Now, here’s a good pub quiz question. What do JW Marriot Marquis, Rose Rayhan by Rotana, Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Emirates and The Address Downtown all have in common? Well, testimony to the fact that architects and civil engineers have a lot of fun in the Middle East, they are the six tallest hotels in […]