Stupid Questions about Café Barriers that aren’t stupid questions.

Don’t be embarrassed for having questions about café barriers. It’s not exactly an area of knowledge that people pick as their MasterMind specialist subject, is it? Our team of experienced sales people is ready to help you through the order process, and answer any questions you may have, no matter how silly you think it might be.

If you’re confused about ordering café barriers, we’ve picked out the top 4 questions we know that people often want to ask, but don’t because they worry about feeling stupid. It’s never stupid to make sure you are fully informed, all the details are correct, and that you understand what you’re buying.

However, to save you from yourself, we’ve answered the frequently considered questions here. Read below and you’ll be able to go to the next step of your café barrier with the answers you need, and without having to worry about asking a ‘stupid question’ first.

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What is the standard size for a café barrier?

When it comes to any large format print, this can often be a wasted question. Largely because Banner Box provides print solutions that are completely bespoke to your needs. However, with café barriers, there are certain elements of the size that do come in a set or ‘standard’ measurement.

All Banner Box café barrier systems are the same height. No matter how wide your barrier is, the graphics will always be 900mm tall.

Whether you choose our premium range or popular system, you have the choice of 3 widths, but your posts and graphics will come in one size. This means you can easily mix and match different widths when buying multiple café barriers.

Cafe Barrier Size Guide

What is the standard material for a café barrier?

As one of the UK’s leading large format printers, we pride ourselves on being able to work with a wide range of materials for our clients, and we do not have a ‘standard’ material that we use, for café barriers or other custom print projects.

There are fabrics and materials that are more popular for solutions like café barrier systems, and we regularly supply customers with barrier systems in Decotex, PVC, and PVC Mesh. These are more common, and each have their own benefits. Depending on the use, location or just personal preference, you can choose from a range of materials to create your outdoor seating area, designated route or whatever else your business needs the barriers for.

Discover more about materials and which is right for you by reading our blog: “Which Café Barrier is right for me?

Can café barriers go round a corner?

Don’t laugh, but because several businesses only use café barriers in straight lines, others often forget that they can go round corners. Even though each café barrier system is a solid straight structure, when used in numbers, they become incredibly versatile and create a wide variety of shapes and areas for your business.

Using modular café barrier systems, in different sizes, colours, and designs, you can set up and create specific routes for customers, an enclosed seating or welcome area, and more to suit your business needs. Corners, straight lines, zig-zags, you name it.

Cafe Barrier Technical Layout
Flexible layouts to suit every occasion

Cafe Barrier Application Drawing

How many café barriers should I order?

This isn’t a stupid question but it’s not something we can give a simple answer to either. Our team will have to talk with you about what you want to achieve, space you want to work with, and more to work out how many barriers you need.

This discussion will also highlight the number of systems and hardware you need. Not only to decide whether you’d like single or double crossbar but to determine the number of posts you need. If you’re buying one café barrier system, you’ll need two steel posts, but if your buying 2 barriers, you’ll only need 3 posts rather than 4. Three barriers need 4 posts, and so on. Get it?

Banner Box is always happy to help and you should always feel comfortable to get in touch if you have questions about your print solutions. Our team have heard every question you can think of and we will never judge you for asking a question to ensure you understand everything you can about your café barriers.

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