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Small but Mighty – Light Duty Wall Mounted Banners

If you have a message to convey or simply want to enhance the appearance of your business premises, then fixing colourful, impactful banners on the walls of your building is the perfect way to attract attention and ensure your brand or message is seen by all who pass by. If done sympathetically and tastefully, these banners can add to the aesthetics of the immediate area.

Banner Box offer a range of wall mount options, each designed to give the right result depending on location and purpose. We offer a standard duty banner pole, a light duty and heavy duty, face-fixed poles and wall-mounted brackets.

The Light Duty system, shown here at a recent installation at a branch of Co-op is a budget solution for the mounting of banners on walls. It features a steel bracket with a 25mm arm, end cap and collar which gives this a smart look. Once this is in place, your banners can be easily installed and also replaced or changed by simply removing the clip which connects the arm to the bracket. As the system is light weight, it’s a quick and simple job, so ideal if different banners are to be used.

Suitable for banners up to one metre square, the poles allow your banners to be displayed at right angle to the wall, and present a smooth finish due to the tension the system provides, as shown in the images. If larger more heavy-duty banner display systems are required, take a look at the Outdoor Display page on our website.




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