BlackBack Prints for Glamping Show

Our BlackBack fabric housed in a fabric tension frame is continuing to prove an exhibition staple. This time the prints were for the Glamping Show a fairly new trade show held at Stoneleigh Park Warwickshire.



This show is a little unusual as indoor and outdoor sections are a must! Our clients stand was indoor… which was lucky as the nature of the fabric and inks used in his favourite choice of system cannot be used outside. BlackBack is always a winner in these tension type exhibition stands. Why? The clue is in the name; the back of the fabric is jet black. The result? Incredible vibrant colours but perhaps more importantly no show through. If we were to choose an alternative material, you may be able to see some of the frame behind the print depending upon lighting.

We were also very impressed as this was our clients first trade show working with this type of signage system. Commenting on it been fairly easy to use for what an excellent finish you can achieve. The frame itself I regularly describe as big kids knex simply twisting and locking into position a series of bars and connectors.

The systems versatility is often a great excuse to invest in this type of stand too. The frames design makes it easy to rework the shape and style of your stand and graphics can be reused or re-printed as you wish…. Part of why we choose this system when we exhibit it ourselves.

As ever the fabric tension system didn’t let us down, we had one very happy customer. Who was hopeful he’d had a useful show at this year’s Glamping event. It looked an interesting event and with any luck we might be printing new panels for next year’s event too.

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