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Striking New banners at Nailsea School – inspired by Harry Potter stories

Banner Box were recently commissioned to produce a set of house banners for the Nailsea School in North Somerset. The brightly coloured one metre wide bespoke banners were printed double-sided with a liner and hemmed with flat pockets top and bottom. The designs each represent the four houses of the school; Dragon, Griffin, Phoenix and […]

Small but Mighty – Standard Duty Wall Mounted Banners

The Standard Duty system, shown here at a recent installation at a branch of Co-op is a solution for the mounting of banners on walls. It features a steel bracket with a 45 mm arm, end cap and collar which gives this a smart look. Once in place, banners can be easily installed and replaced. […]

Banner Box Print & Install for Northallerton Art Exhibition

Banner Box are delighted to have printed and installed a distinctive and eye-catching art installation in Northallerton; one which we feel is possibly one of the best we’ve done to date and a great example of the kind of project which our print lends itself to. Joe Cornish Galleries were involved in the town’s unique […]

Support for Outwood Academy Charity Fun Day

Banner Box support local community fundraiser Local teenager William Huntley suffers from a rare sleep disorder. William has a rare, incurable condition that means he gets little sleep at night. The 14-year-old repeatedly bangs his head on his bed at his Chesterfield home because of rhythmic movement disorder. The constant noise keeps the rest of […]

Where were the flags and banners to welcome Europe Day?

Come on, admit it, you don’t know when Europe Day is, do you? What do you mean, you didn’t know there was actually a day called Europe Day? Well, no, you’ll find that it’s not highlighted in your diary or wall calendar either. We’re sorry to say that you’ve missed it for this year – […]

A night on the tiles for Vietnamese artist

Normally when we think about banners, we associate the word with messages being projected on the grand scale. Banners can often be very large, and sometimes extremely long, to make their due impact on the passing viewer. But in Vietnam, an item has been created by a local artist that has put one particular giant […]

Iconic flag raising event remembered

One of the most memorable events of the Second World War was the raising of one of the American Stars and Stripes banners at the summit of Mount Suribachi in Iwo Jima in Japan on 23 February 1945. It celebrated the end of five days of fighting by American troops to capture the Japanese-held island, […]

Obama admits to accepting some strange gifts

If you’re president of the most powerful nation in the world, you kind of get used to foreign dignitaries gifting you various items during their state visits. But you have to come clean eventually and admit to all these new found possessions, one of the strangest of which was a bicycle from the Government of […]

Parachutist veteran fancies himself as a big noise in Hull

No doubt 80-year-old war veteran, Brian Fairfield, was used to the flapping of fabrics as he hurtled himself out of his Hercules plane over foreign lands, with his parachute gently taking him down to earth. That was during his time in the Airborne Division, but now he’s a pensioner, he decided to relive those days […]

Stormy future for very high flagpoles

If you’re going to take the world by storm and erect the world’s tallest flagpole, there’s one thing you have to be very careful about – storms. On the night of 23 April, storm-force winds caused havoc in Tajikistan’s capital city, Dushanbe. They caused a lot of damage, bringing down trees, satellite dishes and banners […]