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For 21 years Banner Box has been the UK’s leading print services provider in outdoor advertising, promotional graphics, and printed banners. Our experience is as diverse as the range of products we offer today, and we are proud to have worked with some of the leading promotional agencies and high-profile events in the UK. Find out more about us, about our highly-experienced team, or browse our range of products and services.

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Fabric Tension Broadcasting Studio

State of the art gaming company FACEIT brought a complex challenge to Banner Box this month. We needed to transform a bland office space into a lively and vibrant pop-up broadcasti... Read More

Café Windbreaks with a Difference

We recently manufactured an unusual Café windbreak style system for our client Queue-Safe. The brief was a system which was partially transparent but also created a zonal wall whi... Read More

Colour Explained

Modern colour matching demands simply make Pantone the only true option! RGB and CMYK simply can’t match the standardisation required by our clients, with the Pantone system Bann... Read More

Video Game Exhibition Stand

Banner Box recently produced another striking exhibition stand for one of our clients. This time it related to the launch of the latest mortal combat hi-tech game. The stand stood ... Read More

London Marathon Windchaser Flags

We were very pleased to receive a couple of tweets over the weekend regarding a set of Windchasher Flags. Our client wanted to get noticed at the London Marathon, Windchaser Flags ... Read More

Congratulations to Runners of Marathon des Sables

The Marathon des Sables is known as the world’s toughest footrace. It is essentially 6 days and 254km worth of adventure in the sweltering Moroccan desert. I am delighted to ann... Read More

Shade Sail Solution at Local Primary School

A Sheffield based school set us a bit of a challenge ahead of the summer months. Mylnhurst Primary School required a covered space in a wooded area, but were keen not to damage the... Read More