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20 Questions with Banner Box’s Sales & Marketing Director Paul Noble

We recently sat down with our Sales & Marketing Director Paul Noble (we bribed him with coffee) and had 10 minutes to talk about his life, his role at Banner Box, and where he sees... Read More

Prestige flagpole replacement at one of London’s foremost seats of learning

The London School of Economics and Political Science is one of the UK's (and world's) most prestigious universities in the fields of economics and politics. Considered a highly sou... Read More

Banner installs for one of Britain’s greatest landscape artists

Joseph Mallord William Turner (popularly named J. M. Turner) is one of the most famous British landscape painters, known for both oil paintings and as an undisputed master of water... Read More

Revolutionary new technique of printing uses water instead of ink

It's a well-established fact that the ink you place in your printer is very expensive, and has a negative impact on the environment. The same is true of both household-quality inks... Read More

Banner Box are proud to do work for The Sun Military Awards (Night of Heroes) “The Millies” 2013

Are you watching The Sun Military Awards (Night of Heroes) on ITV right now? Isn't it a wonderful celebration of our Military heroes at home and overseas? We are so lucky to hav... Read More

Banner Box welcomes Deibo Bowry to head its Sales Team

Banner Box is delighted to announce the appointment of Deibo Bowry as Senior Sales Manager. The appointment represents a further step in the process of growing and enhancing our cu... Read More

New flags at the Coutts Bank

Coutts Bank, known for its very high-profile clients and private investment services - recently approached Banner Box and asked us whether we could provide flagpoles to increase th... Read More

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