Local Schools Banners

Inkersall Primary School has recently invested in various new banners and display systems to add a splash of colour to the school corridors. The signage highlights some of the schools core learning messages as well as showcasing the schools new technology centre.

The banner we created for the new technology centre is the largest in the selection. What is interesting about this particular one is that the 2.4m square banner was actually to be used as a curtain. The movement and additional pressure to be placed on the banner lead to a requirement to reinforce certain seams and eyelets to ensure that the longevity of the schools new “entrance” banner.

A small but fun element of our work with the school was the creation of 9 little capes which reflected the schools “Superhero Learners” qualities. Sadly we can’t show any pictures of these in action (for obvious reasons), what I can say is that they were actually quite challenging. The petite nature of the capes were something Banner Box was far from used to.

These two unusual projects supported a collection of conventional items in the schools new scheme. Flex display stands provided the ideal solution for easy to move and relocate banners, they also tidy away very neatly for storage and protection when not in use. Other banners were for outdoor use meaning our fire-resistant PVC is the perfect choice. We can create beautiful bright colours which are able to withstand the elements. School fences are ideal for fixing these banners as the humble cable tie holds most banners in position simply by threading a tie through each of the eyelets and tightening to secure.

Banner Box would like to send our best wishes to the school and we are hopeful our signage solutions will prove both practical and useful in aiding the learning of local children. We thank Inkersall Primary for choosing us.



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