Colour Explained

Here at Banner Box we are all about the Pantone system. Modern colour matching demands simply make Pantone the only true option! RGB and CMYK simply can’t match the standardisation required by our clients, with the Pantone system Banner Box can achieve the perfect colour every time - But as with many things there is a catch.


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The graphics team here have painstakingly dedicated hours of time getting the perfect Pantone matches on various fabric mediums. As the Pantone guide only gives colours in there “solid” formula we needed a solution to print the same great colour on more translucent materials, making some extremely dark colours impossible to print due to low fabric denier.

It isn't often you see a brand colour and appreciate that what you see is "standard", the colour is almost a subconcious message for our brain. For example, the Heineken green, no other green could be accepted and the colour to the consumer instantly symbolises all things Heineken.

The ever-continuing developments in fabrics and machinery complicate the process further still. Once a fabric is established within our range we’ll then start to build a new colour chart, as well as ensuring our current charts still give the perfect match!

Although the initial setting up of this system can require meticulous careful work, once in place the studio operates wonderfully dynamically. When artwork is received we check for any particular requested colours and if the exact match cannot be achieved on the elected fabric the team will simply find the appropriate colour for that medium, with no noticeable change.

Another great little addition to the Banner Box Studio is our bespoke colour match area. The area is totally dark with one light with the aim of emulating natural light… the great British weather means the office is subject to very varied light conditions so this can be a vital tool.