Feather Flags for Golf Invitational

Congratulations to Team RST on their latest fundraising event at the stunning Brocket Hall Golf Club. Our windchaser flags flew proudly in the summer breeze at the weekend golf invitational event.

The windchasers were originally flown by the charity at the London Marathon. This time combined with a new water-filled base the feather flags were a focal point on the golf course as part of charity events.

Team RST standing for the Rooprai Spinal Trust named after the charities inspiration Ms Marrianne Rooprai. Ms Rooprai suffered life changing injuries in a car accident which inspired the start-up of this incredible charity. The charities aim simply to help all people affected by spinal cord injuries.

The annual invitational at the beautiful Brocket Hall was the sixth golf day the charity has held and proved a success yet again! The full amount of money raised at the event has not yet been confirmed but the charities founder is confident the event will be a big boost to the charity.

The flags themselves were mounted on our water-filled bases to prevent any damage to the golf course. The flags were mounted in the “rough” grass but we think better safe than sorry when it comes to potentially spoiling a courses playing areas!

The flags flew proudly alongside the fundraising event and we were very pleased to see our windchashers been cleverly reused by the charity. The design was cleverly created without dates or event names meaning it can continue to feature in Team RST’s events in the future!


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