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With a windy Winter ahead, keep your customers sheltered with our Cafe Windbreaks!


National FlagsThere is no better way to enhance your branding with dramatic colour, movement and height. You can get all 3 in one simple way: with a flag.

Flags come in every shape and size, from our finest-quality hand sewn flags, to our range of full-colour digitally printed flags.

We have a vast amount of experience producing 2 main types of flags, National Flags for governments, embassies, sports events, etc., and Corporate Flags for businesses, organisations, and outdoor events.

If you intend to fly your flag from a flagpole, then we also sell a Flag Extender, an accessory designed to make sure your flag remains proud and flies in a more “natural” way.

If you are looking for something different and exciting for an outdoor event, then why not try our Festival Flags? These tall, eye-catching flags will definitely make an impression!


Flag Materials

Any of our flags can be produced in one of 3 ways, Digitally Printed, Dye Printed, or Hand Sewn: