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Quick and easy to use – Pop-up Banners – in a design of your choice.


National FlagsThere is no better way to enhance your branding with dramatic colour, movement and height. You can get all 3 in one simple way: with a flag.

Flags come in every shape and size, from our finest-quality hand sewn flags, to our range of full-colour digitally printed flags.

We have a vast amount of experience producing 2 main types of flags, National Flags for governments, embassies, sports events, etc., and Corporate Flags for businesses, organisations, and outdoor events.

If you intend to fly your flag from a flagpole, then we also sell a Flag Extender, an accessory designed to make sure your flag remains proud and flies in a more “natural” way.

If you are looking for something different and exciting for an outdoor event, then why not try our Festival Flags? These tall, eye-catching flags will definitely make an impression!


Flag Materials

Any of our flags can be produced in one of 3 ways, Digitally Printed, Dye Printed, or Hand Sewn: