Budget Glassfibre Flagpole

Our superb budget flagpoles are a favourite of the construction industry for their ease of installation and price.

Flagpoles are available in heights of 6 metres, 7 metres and 8 metres and are supplied complete with white finial, external halyard, ground sleeve, weighted collar and plastic cleat. The cleat can be positioned at high level to prevent tampering, if required.

Rotating arms up to one metre width can be fitted – these enable the display of portrait orientation flags regardless of wind strength.

All poles are supplied in one section.

Flagpole prices from £140.99 excluding VAT.
Contact our Sales Team for Trade prices.


Technical Information

Size / Overall Height (m)ConstructionDiameter bottom / topVisible Height (m)Max Flag Size (yds)Foundation (mm)
6.61 Piece100 / 506180cm x 90cm (2 yard)800 x 800 x 800
7.71 Piece100 / 507230cm x 115cm (2.5 yard)800 x 800 x 800
8.81 Piece100 / 508230cm x 115cm (2.5 yard)800 x 800 x 800