Budget Aluminium Flagpole

Our Budget Aluminium flagpoles consists of a two piece, 3mm 6005T6 grade aluminium tube with 60mm diameter lower section tube, and a 50mm diameter top section tube.

All poles are supplied complete with aluminium ground sleeve, a white truck head finial, external halyard and plastic cleat.  The cleat can be positioned at a high level to prevent tampering if required.

The ground sleeve measures 65mm wide x 600mm height, with a 1.4mm wall thickness.

A rotating arm can be fitted to the flagpoles, which will ensure your portrait flag is always displayed at a 90-degree angle.  The rotating arm mechanism is a machined aluminium construction, and the arm is 16mm diameter aluminium tube.  Rotating arms can be up to a maximum of 1m wide.

If the rotating arm option is chosen, the flagpole will not be supplied with a halyard and cleat as there is no requirement.

Flagpoles are supplied in 2 parts, allowing economic and fast delivery to your location.  Self-assembly is required.

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Technical Information

Overall Height (m)Size (m)ConstructionDiameter Bottom (mm)Top Diameter (mm)Weight (kg)Max Flag Size cm (yard)Foundation (mm)
6.562 Pieces 60 5015180cm x 90cm (2 yard)800 x 800 x 800
87.52 Pieces 60 5020230cm x 115cm (2.5 yard)800 x 800 x 800