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Plant List Profiles

Here at Banner Box we employ a wide range of the very latest printers and machines to help us produce the highest quality banners, flags, textile graphics, and much more for our clients. Here we will write profiles on all of the main printers we use in our Chesterfield-based factory.


EFI Vutek FabriVU340

Our most recent addition to our production line, the EFI Vutek FabriVU340 is one of the industry’s fastest and most impressive super-wide inkjet dye-sublimation printers.

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Profile: Fabric Tension Test Rig

When creating large graphics, we are often required to print graphics to a certain provided size, but often we had no way to test the finished sizes.

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Profile: Mimaki JV33-260

The state-of-the-art print head in the Mimaki JV33-260 features 180 nozzles per 8 lines of nozzles, resulting in an amazing print quality and finish.

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Profile: Hollanders ColorWash XL

One of the least glamorous parts of textile printing is the washing process, yet it is vitally important to making high-quality printed fabric.

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Profile: Hollanders ColorFix XL

As part of our Hollanders ColorBooster range, we use their incredible ColorFix XL machine as part of our print process to fix printed textile.

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Banner Box’s Plant List

Here at Banner Box we have an amazing array of printers, washers, finishers, structures, vehicles, staff, and more. Come and see inside Banner Box.

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