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International Relations

When it comes to nations interacting on a global stage, an often-overlooked part of the interaction is the national identity, and specifically, the vexillological nature of that identity. Here we catalogue the interactions that take place centered on countries’ flags and standards.

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Business Studies student Gai – spends 2 weeks studying our business

Over the past two weeks, we have had the pleasure of hosting local student, Gai Azoulay at our offices and factory in Staveley as part of a work experience program. Gai really made good use of his time with us and has hopefully had some valuable insights into working life after school. Gai is a […]

Czech Republic gets closer to Brussels

The Czech Republic and its past leaders have a long history of dissension with the rest of Europe. But now, with the election of new president Milos Zeman, there is hope for a more certain future. The previous President, Vaclav Klaus, caused a lot of problems when he tried to disrupt the Lisbon Treaty by […]

A more newsworthy way to wave your banners

Here’s a novel new take on the process of waving banners to gain the attention of the media. Simply take your clothes off, write your message of protest across your naked torso, and shake it all about in front of your chosen target. It probably works better if you happen to be an attractive female. […]

Belfast raises and quickly lowers Union flag

Following all the scenes of violence and unpleasant so-called patriotism in Belfast over the decision not to fly the Union flag permanently on the city’s town hall, it has been raised again, almost surreptitiously, it seems. It was flown for the first time since the protests started, to mark the Duchess of Cambridge’s 31st birthday. […]

Help! China about to rule the world

How do we know that something is about to go wrong? Yes, once again the Union Jack is being displayed upside down which, historically, is a sign of distress. Not intentional, we’re sure. But it was displayed incorrectly (with the thick white parts of the diagonal cross nearest the flagpole being placed above the thinner […]

Calais becomes London suburb

When Paris lost the bid for the 2012 Olympics in favour of London, the whole of France was naturally devastated. Apart from Calais that is, a town that Parisians have traditionally tended to look upon with disdain as their poor northern neighbours. However, following the selection of London as the host city, Pas-de-Calais proudly hoisted […]

Northern Ireland Towns To Fly Union Jack During Queen’s Jubilee

To honour the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, the Union Jack will fly in town centres following a motion agreed by the borough council of Craigavon, Northern Ireland. DUP Alderman Stephen Moutray beseeched members from all parties in the council to maintain a “mature attitude” when considering the proposal of the motion. Mr. Moutray said that he […]

Damaged Flagpole At War Memorial Repaired By Local Volunteers

Following storm damage to one of the war memorial flagpoles in Atherton, near Wigan, a group of volunteers from the town, made good the devastation and succeeded in restoring the flagpole to its former glory. A group of five men from the local area set to work on the flagpole which is situated in the […]

EU Advocates British Sports Teams Wear EU Flag When Competing

Following an overwhelming vote at the European Parliament, and in an effort to increase the visibility of the EU flag, British sports teams are being urged to wear an image of the flag on their kits. As a consequence of the vote, football teams will be encouraged to wear the banner of the EU on […]

Quest For National Flag Change For Syrian Protesters

Protesters in Syria are optimistic that they will soon be able to encourage a change to the regime that came to power many years ago, installing Bashar al-Assad as President. They are also hopeful that they can oust the national flag with one that discards the beliefs of the Arab national movements that was adopted […]