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Our Team
Ryan Shelton Jon Cooper Kathryn Floyd Gemma Chape Joanne Wheatley Collette Stanley Ben Thorpe Luke Eyre Karen Topham Anna Parkin Susan Bingham Gillian Hughes

Ryan Shelton

General Manager
Likes: hugs and puppies
Dislikes: cold tea

Jon Cooper

Deputy General Manager
Likes: Holding hands and a long commute
Dislikes: How unflattering my profile picture is.

Kathryn Floyd

Business & Sales Manager
Likes: Marvel and animals
Dislike: Melted cheese and coffee

Gemma Chape

Senior Sales Executive
Like: Spending time with my Son, Toby and playing on my Xbox
Dislike: Lids you can’t open, People that have their mobile phone turned off when you need to contact them

Joanne Wheatley

Sales Executive
Like: Flip flops and the noise that suitcases make on the airport corridors
Dislike: Mini roundabouts and Monday’s

Collette Stanley

Graphic Designer
Likes: Making people smile and being different to everyone else
Dislikes: Being told you can’t achieve something and sleeping in

Ben Thorpe

Print Operator
Likes: My sausage dog, Lenny and Football
Dislikes: Early mornings, missing out on McDonalds breakfast

Luke Eyre

Print Operator
Likes: Elon Musk, Cars
Dislikes: Roadworks

Karen Topham

Likes: Fashion and socialising
Dislikes: Pretentious people and rats

Anna Parkin

Sewing Machinist
Likes: Cars and cheese
Dislikes: Spiders and eggs

Susan Bingham

Sewing Machinist
Likes: My grandchildren and days out
Dislikes: Rude people and eggs

Gillian Hughes

Sewing Machinist
Likes: My Grandson, Leo and dining out
Dislikes: Indian food