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The complete solution for your promotional presence is provided by the three business units that make up our company: Banner Box, Specialised Canvas Services and JMS Flagpoles.

Banner Box provides your first point of contact for innovative and eye catching design taking these concepts through to digital artwork and ultimately to finished production. Materials can range from textile to PVC banners and be of all shapes and sizes produced on our large format printers and finishes by our associate company Specialised Canvas Services.

As the original business and parent company of Banner Box, Specialised Canvas Services manufacture and supply a huge range of weatherproof textiles for industry, transport, leisure and the home. Our long experience ensures you will never surprise us with your requirements, and our emergency repair service will make sure that you are never left out in the cold.

JMS Flagpoles ‘flies the flag’ for the group… literally. With a state of the art, on site manufacturing plant, JMS produces all the flagpoles and banner support systems used by her sister companies. Whether it is off the shelf or to a bespoke design you will be proud and confident when you hoist your flag or support your banner on a JMS structure.

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BB Sustainability Policy

Banner Box is passionate about sustainable business practice and protecting the environment. The four R’s (Remove, Reduce, Re-Use, and Recycle) are at the heart of the business’ approach to sustainable working.

We appreciate the nature of the business makes sustainable practice challenging. Banner Box ensures resources are consumed cautiously, minimising waste fabric and printer ink via new revolutionary technologies and careful planning. In the factory, we will operate a ‘turn it off’ policy to ensure that lights and equipment are fully turned off (not left on standby) when not in use.

The company works with a diverse range of materials – ensuring these are used economically and recycled where possible is a crucial part of our environmental work. Our full policy document below expands upon how Banner Box recycles the majority of materials including: Aluminium, steel, paper/cardboard (packaging), fabric and inks.

Banner Box is passionate about continuing to develop and improve business processes to ensure we are as eco-friendly as possible. Investment in new machinery and tools continues to ensure the business remains as environmentally neutral as possible.

You can read our Sustainability Policy here.

Banner Box Ethical Sourcing and Manufacturing Policy

You can read our Ethical Sourcing and Manufacturing Policy here.

Working at Banner Box

We believe Banner Box is a great organisation to work for and we welcome applications from those interested in joining our team. Click here for information on current job opportunities.