Breeze Windchaser

The Breeze windchaser has the largest graphics area of the windchaser flags and the striking portrait shape is complete with fiberglass arm positioned at the top of the flag

  • Manufactured to highest standards
  • Cost effective high visibility branding
  • Can be mounted on soft ground or hard standings
  • Choice of bases with rotator
Visual Flag Size (approx)Assembled Height (approx)
2m Breeze flag with 3m pole700 x 1950mm700 x 2550mm
3m Breeze flag with 4m pole700 x 2960mm700 x 3560mm
4m Breeze flag with 5m pole1000 x 3930mm1000 x 4550mm
5m Breeze flag with 6m pole1010 x 4910mm1010 x 5560mm