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The SpiritFLEX™ tension system is one of the most popular solutions for the professional installation of banners, flex face and other printed textiles including mesh and canvas.

A very simple and versatile product, it is easy to use and requires no special tools. It is the perfect solution for a wide range of graphics and display projects.

  • Indoor wall murals
  • Outdoor signage projects
  • Corporate branding
  • Lightboxes
  • Building wraps

A comprehensive range of profiles provides a solution for indoor, outdoor and clad walls.

Eliminate the need for precise banner finishing. Simply print the banner to size with 50mm bleed, fix the frame to the wall, install and tension in one action using the tension strip and a mallet. A perfect drum tight finish every time

Made in the UK

Product Options

We offer 4 different types of SpiritFLEX™ frames, including:


SpiritFLEX™ F


SpiritFLEX™ F2


SpiritFLEX™ 100


SpiritFLEX™ DS




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