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Post Mounted Systems

Our Post Mounted products are all based around one concept: fitting your artwork onto a post or lamppost of any kind. The concept is simple, however we offer a few different ways to achieve the result, depending on the durability required of your display, and how you want the display to look.

The Standard Duty post mount system is our original system which comprises of a heavy gauge aluminium pole to which the banner is sleeved, and suits posts between the diameters 100mm – 130mm. The Heavy Duty post mount system is a stronger system designed to suit posts from diameters 75mm – 150mm. The Mid Post mount system is slightly different, and is designed to be attached to the lamppost in the center of the frame.

Our new AirSpring post mount system is a revolutionary new product which offers a high degree of flexibility as well as a sturdy design, and excellent safety credentials.