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Working for Specialised Canvas Services

Our new Marketing Executive has worked for three months now at Specialised Canvas Services Ltd. which is a parent company of Banner Box, Flagmakers, Proflight Bags, Flexiplastics and JMS Flagpoles. In this article, she tells her experiences, lessons and skills she has gained in this short period by working for a company that supplies such a wide range of products.

Paul: Please tell us your 3-month experience of working here?

Kamile: The first thing I would say would be that it’s very different from university. When you are a student, you do not realise how much of your work is structured because everything is clear and you only need to follow guidance. Whereas here is more independent work, you need to think for yourself and to think outside the box. But I love my work, this company and the people it hires. In this short space of time, I have learned so much which my university was not able to teach me in three years.

Paul: Can you tell us more about your role and what have you specifically learned?

Kamile: At the beginning, I was Marketing and Sales Executive, but now I focus mostly on marketing. My current role is to help Marketing Director with marketing plans and projects. Examples of previous work that I did for the company would be market research, writing articles, creating email shot campaigns, sending letters to the customers, planning exhibitions, etc. This role helped me to be confident with certain programs that the marketing executive should know e.g. Hootsuite. But overall, this variety of different tasks that needs to be done keeps me occupied and absorbed in my role.

Paul: And finally, what do you enjoy most here?

Kamile: I think it would be the atmosphere and friendliness here because everyone knows each other very well, and you could actually call it ‘big family business’. Everyone is happy to lend a helping hand, and you receive great support here.

Also, I like the professionalism here because it has very skilled people from who I always learn, and I’m also very grateful that colleagues help me to improve myself. This company aims high which means it wants to be the best in the market and I know it will achieve exactly that.

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Kamile Bagdanaviciute

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