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Chesterfield in Bloom

Chesterfield school children have recently been involved in an art competition as part of the Chesterfield in Bloom event taking place this summer; an initiative Banner Box are proud to support. Chesterfield is hoping to win gold again this year! Twelve successful participants were welcomed to Banner Box this week where the final winners were selected and rewarded for their efforts. The children enjoyed their visit to the Banner Box site where they were entertained and shown around by Paul Noble, Commercial Director.

Paul explained to our wide-eyed visitors how the selected pictures would be printed on our enormous dye sublimation printers and showed them how they would finally look and be displayed around Chesterfield. He also invited the children to guess just how far 21 metres was; the length of the final digitally-printed banner which Banner Box will make to be hung across the front of Chesterfield town hall.

The 12 winners were presented with a mini version of the banner to take home with them as a reminder of their contribution and achievement. The children seemed to thoroughly enjoy their visit, as did their Mums! Banner Box are thrilled once again to be involved in this event, to be a part of the community and to add a little brightness around town. We would also like to acknowledge the effort that all the children made and were impressed with all their pictures.

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