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The JetFlag material is one of our favourite materials to use, and is usually our go-to medium for flags, as the ink permeates the fabric and prints on both sides.


Decotex is one of our two high-quality fabric choices for flags - the other being JetFlag. This flame-retardant material is used for double-sided printing of flags.


Woven Polyester is our premium MOD grade flag material, at 155gsm and 100% polyester this material is ideally for flags.


POWERFlag material is a premium quality flag for outdoor use with unprecedented resistance against wear and damage from the effects of the wind and weather.


Our BlackBack material is a very popular one for exhibitions and outdoor events, for one reason - its thickness, specifically, it's ability to block out light.


The Canvas fabric is a great high-quality material used for a variety of purposes, from creating a tough, durable printed texture for furniture, to an element-resistant scratch-proof wall art installation.

Adhesive Vinyl

Adhesive vinyl is designed for any application where the graphics are to be stuck directly to a surface, suitable for small items such as stickers or much larger areas to create full boards or vehicle graphics.

Blockout Opaque PVC

The Blockout Opaque fabric, produced by French company Dickson Coatings, is one of the PVC materials we use for printing large, outdoor banners. The 700gsm material has twin-print faces with a smooth finish on both sides.

Jet550 PVC

The Jet 550 material is a coated material substantially stronger that the Laminated PVC's used in budget products by our competitors. It has a smooth surface on once side for single sided applications and front-lit situations.

PVC Mesh

Our PVC Mesh fabric is a well-known and highly-regarded fabric which is suited to environments where a material is required to be placed in high-elevation sites, such as on the side of buildings or used as scaffold wrapping


Satin is one of our speciality materials, chosen by our clients because of the shimmer and shine it gives, making graphics look glossy. It is very effective for reproduction of photographic images.

Satin Opaque

Our Satin Opaque fabric is our go-to choice for creating Table Flags, with either national flag or corporate designs. It is semi rigid so will hold shape when used for small format items.

Blacklit Polyester (Luxx)

The Backlit Polyester (nicknamed Luxx) fabric is another unique material in our arsenal of fabrics available, and serves a very specific purpose in a particular type of installations.


Have you ever walked past a large building under construction, with a huge building wrap surrounding all the scaffolding work? You may even have seen one in full-colour, with a corporate design printed on it. Chances are you’ve just seen an AirMesh wrap.