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Profile: Hollanders ColorWash XL

hollanders-colorwash-xlWhen it comes to printing professional fabric and textile banners and flags, here at Banner Box no expense is spared to make sure that the end result is the best quality possible.

Throughout our production process are a number of Hollanders machines. For printing we use either the ColorBooster XL or the ColorBooster 230, immediately after for color fixing we use the ColorFix XL, and finally in the Hollanders chain, we use the ColorWash XL to make sure that the printed material is thoroughly washed and cleaned before it gets sent along for further processing.

Tucked next to the staircase separating our factory ground floor from the first floor, the ColorWash is one of the most underrated machines in the print process, as print washing is something very few of our competitors actually do!

The machine works by soaking the material into cold water (by this point the ink has bonded with the fabric and is insoluble), is blasted by tiny high-pressure jets, scrubbed to remove any unfixed dye-sub inks, and then dries the fabric, all on the same roll that was loaded! The machine uses minimal water (and recycles what it does use), requiring just 1 litre for every metre of fabric. The end result is a clean, dry, roll of soft printed fabric!

You can see our ColorWash XL in action in a photographic print journey we did of a client job, from order to completion.

You can also take a look at the photo gallery below, which demonstrates our ColorWash XL work, being used on an actual client job.

Please note: All photos on this page were taken in Banner Box’s factory in Chesterfield, and are not manufacturer photos. We take great pride in our factories and our workforce, and love showing them off!


Photo Gallery



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