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Profile: Hollanders ColorFix XL

colorfix-xlAs part of our Hollanders ColorBooster range (we also have the ColorBooster XL, 3 x ColorBooster 230s and the ColorWash XL), we use their incredible ColorFix XL machine as part of our print process.

This amazing machine is a large 3.2 metre colour fixation machine, used in the production of printed textile materials. Once inks have been printed onto some textile, the roll is taken from the printer and placed on the ColorFix. Then it is slowly fed into the machine where precisely-controlled infra-red heaters will heat the material to any given temperature, in order to fix the colours into the textile.

Controlled by the user interface, the middle-wave infra-red heaters can heat the media to a consistent temperature, ensuring a perfect finish. This kind of heating process is vastly superior to steam heating, as it requires far less electricity, produces no waste, and requires no water. This huge reduction in energy is all part of our continued commitment to environmentally-friendly printing.

You can see our ColorFix XL in action in a photographic print journey we did of a client job, from order to completion.

You can also take a look at the photo gallery below, which demonstrates our ColorFix XL work, being used on an actual client job.

Please note: All photos on this page were taken in Banner Box’s factory in Chesterfield, and are not manufacturer photos. We take great pride in our factories and our workforce, and love showing them off!


Photo Gallery



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