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Profile: Hollanders ColorBooster 230

hollanders-colorbooster-230-printerThe Hollanders ColorBooster 230 — the little sister of our ColorBooster XL — is one of the workhorses here at Banner Box, and is responsible for a good portion of our printed banners and textile products.

Manufactured by Dutch company Hollanders, these printers are so versatile and hard working that we have got 3 of them working side-by-side in our Chesterfield factory. They use a process called dye-sublimation, which transfers the ink to the material and bonds it with the fabric being printed on, thus creating a long-lasting dye on the material.

Each ColorBooster 230 is also connected to an RIP (Raster Image Processor), a dedicated computer attached to the printer which digitally serves the graphics files to the printer in the format it understands, and at the right times. The digital file formats can be huge, so the printer often needs this information fed piecemeal, just the bit it needs to print at that moment, and that is where the RIP comes in!

Take a look at the photo gallery below, which shows one of our ColorBooster 230s at work, half way through a client job!

Please note: All photos on this page were taken in Banner Box’s factory in Chesterfield, and are not manufacturer photos. We take great pride in our factories and our workforce, and love showing them off!


Photo Gallery



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