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Business Studies student Gai – spends 2 weeks studying our business

Over the past two weeks, we have had the pleasure of hosting local student, Gai Azoulay at our offices and factory in Staveley as part of a work experience program. Gai really made good use of his time with us and has hopefully had some valuable insights into working life after school. Gai is a pupil at Netherthorpe School and despite his 14 years, posed some very well-considered questions throughout, indicating that he clearly has a good head for business. As part of this experience, we offered Gai the opportunity to write a blog for us, which features below. We thank Gai for his efforts and trust that he agrees his time spent with Specialised Canvas Services was worthwhile. Here is Gai’s account of his time with us (I particularly like his final comment):

My name is Gai Azoulay, I am 14 years old and I attend Netherthorpe School in Staveley. All the students in year 10 were given the opportunity to spend 2 weeks out of school working to give an outlook on how life is after school (work experience). We were given an array of interesting jobs to pick from, but jobs were going fast! Mrs Belfit, the teacher who organised work experience for every individual in Y10, knew I was looking for a placement where I could see all my business studies knowledge put into practice. As Specialised Canvas Services had three divisions we knew it would probably be an interesting place to work.

Fortunately, we were correct and my two-week visit was filled with information which you cannot obtain in a classroom, on one of the first few days of my visit I was able to have a chat with Sam Bramah (General Manager of Specialised Canvas) about all the aspects he has to take into consideration while managing the division and it was very interesting to see the terms I learnt in business studies in use. I was also introduced to new terms like ‘Maslow’s hierarchy of needs’ which seemed like a very important factor in keeping employees in good physical and mental health. Throughout the two weeks I also shadowed people in Accounts and Admin, Sales and Admin (for Banner Box and Specialised Canvas), Print Production and Product Design. Everyone was using at least two monitors and soon I realized there was a very complex computer system which attempts to help the employees find all the data of clients, prices and designs.

I also got to experience how it is to work on the production floor of all three divisions. This was good, as I got to follow the whole process of an order starting in the Sales and Administration department, getting printed or designed in Product Design, getting cut out (sometimes by the Zund machine), then being sewn up by the seamstresses. I even got to work with Carl who packaged some products and sent them off in a truck. As I got to work in every part of the business it gave me a much better understanding of the business.

Each day I worked in two parts of the business (morning and afternoon) alternating what I was doing every day. This was great as you can only shadow someone for so long before getting bored and by swapping what I was doing half way through the day it kept me interested and I got to see all the aspects of the business much faster.

While in Banner Box I designed a flag. I decided to merge the Israeli flag with the English (St George’s) flag, as I have dual nationality. I was happy with the outcome and was impressed with the quality of the finished design. As Young Guns Sports shirts are designed by an employee in Banner Box I was able to create a shirt too. As I have recently been playing a game called ‘Fortnite’ I decided to design a shirt on the subject and the design looked exactly as I wanted it and had very vibrant colours.

As I was swapping what I was doing every half day I got to meet many of the employees and they were all welcoming and nice. This helped me settle in as I was in a completely different environment to school and nobody was my age.

Specialised Canvas Services would like to wish Gai the very best for his future.

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