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Flagpoles don’t come much taller than this

Now, here’s a good pub quiz question. What do JW Marriot Marquis, Rose Rayhan by Rotana, Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Emirates and The Address Downtown all have in common? Well, testimony to the fact that architects and civil engineers have a lot of fun in the Middle East, they are the six tallest hotels in the world. And they’re all located in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

As if that isn’t enough of an achievement, the UAE have also recently erected the seventh tallest flagpole in the world, in an area known appropriately as ‘Flag Island’. Authorities in the Emirate of Sharjah carried out the installation of the 123-metre high flagpole to fly the UAE Flag to coincide with the country’s National Day on 2 December.

The scheme, part of a tourist attraction on Al Jazeera Island, was inaugurated by Dr Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasami, the ruler of the Emirate, to mark over 40 years of unity. A spokesperson said, “The UAE flag is a symbol of the country’s dignity and prestige that must always be held high, just like its people. The UAE has witnessed throughout the 41 years of the Union numerous landmark achievements in its developmental, economic and social spheres, taking its place as a regional and international leader and becoming a global example to be emulated by others”.

Well done, we say. But we bet they won’t be celebrating the achievement by smashing a bottle of champagne against it.

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