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FESPA’s Planet Friendly Printing

Banner Box is passionate about its membership to FESPA within the printing community, further to this we aim to operate in the most eco-friendly manner possible. This FESPA scheme enables us to learn and build upon our current practices to improve our overall environmental impact. FESPA President, Gyorgy Kovacs comments “FESPA shall be the natural partner to all our members to find information on how to become a more environmentally friendly printer.”

The Planet Friendly Printing Scheme is designed to review the consequences of European law and a key aim is teaching printers the benefits of taking an inclusive approach to environmental issues. Within our industry we face elements of pollution in 3 stages of our production:

Stage 1 – Composition of the image and preparation of the file (Pre-print)

Stage 2 – Printing onto textiles, paper and more

Stage 3 – Converting, finishing and packing



Polluting activities generally include:

  • Production of industrial waste
  • Air Pollution – Volatile organic compounds, malodorous smells and dust
  • Indirect Pollution – Use of energy in turn producing CO2
  • Environmental nuisance – Noise, light, dust, rubbish
  • Waste – Energy, fabrics, errors creating need for reprint

This is an area we passionately aware of and regularly strive to find new initiatives to reduce our overall pollution levels and carbon footprint. Read and watch more on Banner Box and its eco-friendly culture here.