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Tigers Parachute Display Team at Silverstone

For those of you lucky enough to have had the experience, you will know how exhilarating it is to witness the Tigers parachute display team in action. Part of the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment, these professional parachutists jump fearlessly from aircraft, gather almost effortlessly into unbelievable formations whilst plummeting earthwards and then, when the parachutes open, descend skilfully, trailing smoke and flying stunning flags. Quite a spectacle!

Banner Box are proud to supply the flags which the team fly whilst parachuting at displays around the country and last week we finished production of a stunning flag for them which is a massive 6m by 3m in size and was to be flown at Silverstone. The special flag was printed on one of our wide-format sublimation printers and then hand-sewn for a quality finish.

The team were at Silverstone this weekend for the F1 British Grand Prix. Unfortunately, the weather was inclement and so the team were unable to jump on the day. However, they did get to meet someone rather special! Lewis Hamilton seen here with the Tigers team before the race, which he went on to win. This was Hamilton’s fifth British Grand Prix win.

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