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Support for Operation Gift

Support for Operation Gift

Future Foundations are an independent training organisation which believes in the power of people. They have recently been running the National Citizenship Service in the Chesterfield area, as they have done many times before. Their aim is to help young people be better informed and more aware of issues that are faced in the local community. In turn, this helps the community grow and become far better connected, whilst putting an emphasis on young people to implement a worthwhile and effective change.

The programme involves teams of young people running social action projects that will have a positive impact on the local area and community. Those involved will aim to get as much support as possible for their projects from local businesses and charities.

One of these teams, made up entirely of local young people, raised money for the Nightingale Children’s Ward at Chesterfield Royal Hospital by carrying out ‘Operation Gift’. Amongst other initiatives, they conducted a popular tombola and sold their own hand-made hampers at a stall in Chesterfield’s Market Square, raising enough to be able to create special baskets of home comforts for the children. These, along with donated toys, have helped to make the children’s stay in hospital a far more pleasant one.

Chesterfield Royal Hospital have expressed how much this project has already made a huge difference to the children and had a positive impact on the quality of their stay. The young people who took part and who helped raise money and create gifts enjoyed working together and are proud of their combined and individual efforts. They are also very pleased to have made such a difference to the happiness of the children in Nightingale Ward.

Banner Box supported this project by providing a large banner, which was displayed on their Market Square stall and the sister of one of our Banner Box team was part of the fund-raising team! Banner Box were extremely pleased to be able to support this initiative, which raised over £850.

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