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English Counties

England has such a vast and varied history, that the political, religious, social, and cultural melting pot we see today is a product of this intriguing past.

Just one part of this history and culture is the vexillology of England and its constituent counties.

You'll find below the news items filed in the category "English Counties".

Cumberland goes green (and blue and white)

If you were asked to choose colours that best represent the county of Cumberland, no doubt green and blue would be your first options. Green, because of the acres of unspoilt rolling hills and countryside. And blue because that’s the backdrop colour of the sky behind all that marvellous scenery, as well as the colour […]

Industrious Frome celebrates its past

Frome (pronounced ‘Froom’), in northeast Somerset, once relied on the industries based around wool as its main claim to glory. Those were later replaced by metal work and printing industries, much of which is still present in the town. A community group, Home in Frome, has produced a book entitled Working Memories, in which over […]

Official County Flag Approval Granted To Westmorland

A new flag will soon be on display throughout the county of Westmorland after a design that had been submitted to the flag commissioning authority was granted approval. Westmorland, now a district of Cumbria, has long been seeking recognition of its presence as a historical county. Thanks to a campaign implemented by the Westmorland Association, […]

Councillor Unhappy With Re-sizing Of Southwark Council’s Flags

When new flagpoles were installed at the Tooley Street offices of a Southwark council building near London Bridge, the Union Jack flag and George Cross flag had to be trimmed in order to fit the new flagpoles. Both flags had to be cut away diagonally which has angered many, including Councillor Peter John, the council […]

Norfolk Flag Could Be Flying High Thanks To Norwich Landlord

In an effort to restore the official flag of Norfolk as a familiar sight in the county, a pub landlord from Norwich is forging ahead with plans to gain support for his plan. The Alexandra Tavern’s landlord, Tiny Little, said that he only became aware of an official flag for Norwich when he was on […]

New Village Flag For Tarrington Hoisted

After being crafted by a local group of hand-crafters, Tarrington proudly displays its new village flag. St Philip and St James Church was chosen as the permanent site for the new flag to be displayed after the flag was unveiled there at the harvest festival. Tarrington Brass Band played a fanfare as the flag, which […]

Cancellation of Flag Festival due to Vandals

The annual flag festival in Gloucestershire has been cancelled this year after vandals ruined last year’s festival by ripping down a large number of flags.

Flag of Herefordshire to fly over London for Two Weeks

The flag of Herefordshire county will be flown over London for two weeks over Christmas. The flag will be raised over the Department for Communities and Local Government for a week longer than all the other British flags, because of how the public holidays fall.

Flags and Banners needed to make town “more festive”

One of Britain’s most desirable towns has been told it needs to fly more more flags and banners around the community to liven up the festive spirit by Civic leaders.

Kent restoration work topped off by flagpole

The completion of restoration and renovation work on a 12th century Kent church tower has been marked with the installation of a flagpole.