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               The UK’s biggest textile print facility                  Trade pricing and lead times

               Big or small, narrow or wide                             Graphic design, print and finishing

             Product Led Solutions                                   Application Led Solutions

             Pair one of our display systems with our highly acclaimed   Whether it’s a permanent display, retail promotion or exhibition
             print service. We can recommend a suitable combination of   graphic we can provide a package of products to create the
             GRAPHIC and DISPLAY SYSTEM to satisfy a huge variety    impact and presence you’re looking to achieve. Combining
             of requirements, ranging from a simple advertising banner   products to create a seamless package with cohesive design,
             through to a complex suite of exhibition graphics. You choose   colour management and finish, we can have a positive input
             the mix of products that will deliver the message required.   and impact at any stage of the process.
             Whether you want us to create a complex branding package     Trade subcontract print service - let us handle the whole, or
 Display Graphics  delivery.                                           any element of the job, from print only through to full finishing
             or individual elements we can work with you on a first class
                                                                       and installation

             Indoor Solutions                                           Products combined to create an effective branding package
                                                                        Choice of more than 20 different fabrics and materials
 Display your brand in a big way    Wall mounted                        All our outdoor fabric graphics are pre-washed to avoid
                Free standing                                          staining from rain or damp weather

             Outdoor Solutions
                Weather durable graphics

                Consistent visual style across multiple products
                Large format appropriate to the viewing distance

 01246 472 949              sales  See materials guide on page 34            9

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